The pictures in this gallery depict pieces of mainly braided jewelry inspired by the Greek culture, Ancient Greek Civilization, and the Modern Times. Our designs are rich with history and of local origin. Every single piece is made with lots of love and dedication. Everything is purposeful and of high quality. All the material used is purchased from Greece.

I moved in the US five years ago to go to college. During this time, I visited my homeland, Greece, and realized how things have been changing due to the economic crisis. Businesses started going bankrupt, people getting laid off and very depressed; banks, families and communities collapsed. Last year only was punctuated by two elections, a referendum, the imposition of capital controls, negotiations to reach a bailout deal, cliffhanger parliamentary votes and Athens’ closest brush yet with bankruptcy and euro exit.

On top of all this taking place the past seven years, another intense crisis hit the country.

Thousands of immigrants have been crossing the borders illegally and living in the country for the past several years. Recently thousands of refugees, persecuted by war, have been trying to approach daily the Greek islands. They have been crossing the Aegean Sea with any kind of marine transportation they can find. The ones that survive request asylum. However, their main goal is to establish a new life in Northern or Central Europe. Unfortunately, most European countries closed their borders and a lot of the refugees and most of the immigrants are trapped in Greece.

Suddenly Greece got filled with people with dashed hopes. It got filled with refugees who are barred from going forward and do not want to go back and Greeks who see little chance of escaping the economic and social trauma of the past decade.

Therefore, I wanted to do something to help. I want to prove people that we will win, only if we do not stop fighting for the good and stand up for our rights. We will win no matter what.  I always liked making jewelry and this past year I was interested in learning how to make braided jewelry bracelets. As soon as I started getting good at it, I took it to the next level and made more sophisticated designs. Despite the misery and tragedies in Greece, somehow I found myself getting inspired to create. Along with me, my sister and my mother got inspired and joined this project.

My ultimate goal is to teach these techniques to unemployed people in Greece and hopefully offer some jobs in the future or even transform unemployed to self-employed entrepreneurs. If people like my jewelry, I will be able to give jobs to people or even refugees that are really in need of a way to make a living or even show them a hint of light that life will be continued; some light in the end of the tunnel. I know that they will be able to make intricate designs with lots of love and gratitude. Hopefully, this will create a Sustainable Business and give people, that have already given up, some hope. Some hope for a Sustainable World based on ethics, ancient Greek "pneuma" and fellowship.

There might be a reason for the list of unfortunate incidents that have taken place all over the world in the past years. All the recent terrorist attacks, deaths, and hurricanes might be a way for nature to tell us something. It is time to change our habits and behavior. We cannot just sit back and just observe everything getting ruined. We need to first change ourselves before we change our environment and ultimately the world around us.

This handmade craftsmanship is something that I do beyond my regular job as an engineer, yoga and other hobbies. It is that strong urge I have to do something. To create something important. Do you want to follow me in this journey?

We are all one.

And each one of us needs to contribute to the change of the world as we know it.